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Straw Hats is the Most Beautiful Scenery in the Trip

I often travel across the land of the north and south of the country.

On the traveling train, I always like to sit by the window of the train, looking at the scenery outside the window. In those vast fields of the motherland, from time to time to see wearing straw hats hard farming farmers figure flash.

I know, these flash straw hats, is the most beautiful scenery in the trip.

Whenever I see the straw hat on the head of those farmer brothers, I feel a kind of inexplicable move. When I was young, I used to wear a straw hat for many times, grazing on the beautiful fields of my hometown.

In August 2001, I went to see the Memorial hall of the August 1 Uprising in Nanchang. In the east corner of the second floor of the showroom, there are several martyrs once worn have hair black straw hat. These straw hats, in silence, tell me their master’s loyalty to the revolution.




Seeing these familiar straw hats, my mind was strongly shocked. Because, before this, I have never considered the relationship between straw hats and the Chinese revolution.

These straw hats remind me of the Chinese revolutionary history.

On the long March road, how many Red Army soldiers wearing straw hats fought the Xiangjiang River, crossed the Jinsha River, seized Luding Bridge, crossed the snow mountain, how many straw hats from the victims to the head of the victims, and embarked on a new round of revolutionary journey.

It is this common and unusual straw hat, added to the strength and thickness of the history of the Chinese revolution, became a beautiful scenery line, also became a flashing rainbow on the Long March!

Nowadays, the people who use straw hats most are, of course, farmers, those who are facing the loess with their backs to the sky. They work hard on the vast land, sowing hope and harvesting the material foundation that supports the construction of the motherland. And can send them a trace of cool, is straw hat.

And to mention the straw hat is to mention my father.

My father was a normal student in the 1950s of the last century. After walking out of school, he got on the three-foot platform and wrote his youth with chalk.

However, in those special years, my father was denied the right to take the podium. So he put on his old straw hat and went into the fields of his hometown to work hard.

At the time, my mother was worried that my father would not make it. His father always smiled and shook his straw hat in his hand: “My ancestors have been wearing a straw hat to come, now I also wear a straw hat, in life, there is no hard. Besides, I’m sure everything will be all right.”

Sure enough, it was not long before my father took the sacred platform again. From then on, in my father’s class, there was always a topic about straw hats.

Now, after retirement, my father wears a straw hat every time he goes out. After returning home, he always beats the dust off his straw hat before hanging it on the wall.

Post time: Sep-15-2022