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Straw Hat Forever-hats in Life Are Varied and Varied

A cap worn on a soldier’s head; The solemn caps on the heads of policemen; The graceful hats of the mannequins on the stage; And those who walk in the streets of beautiful men and women on the head of those decorated hats; A construction worker’s hard hat. And so on and so on.

Among these many hats, I have a special preference for straw hats.

Only the straw hat is not dressed up and decorated; It still retains the greatest function it has ever had and continues to do — shade the sun.




The straw hat, in its appearance, is dignified and simple.

Straw hat, get of not difficult, want to have a few leaves in the hand only, or be a few bundle of straw wheat stalk, you can make a simple and do not break the straw hat of pure simplicity come, for your long journey or work to provide a trace of happiness cool and refreshing.

However, it is such a simple straw hat, but in the long river of years to undergo the hone of ice and snow, wind and rain beating; Under the scorching sun such as fire baking, laborers hot sweat casting; And the breath that breathes like a cow.

I have never properly examined the date of the straw hat. But I know, straw hat from the first day of its birth, to those mind indomitable will, sweat dripping workers to provide a cool and happy.

Turning over the history, we can hear that the straw hat has passed through thousands of years in the hunting sound of Yuanmo people and Peking people, in the ancient ballad of “cutting wood Ding Ding Ding”, in the sound of the “yo-yo-ho-ho” of the trackers along the Yangtze River and Yellow River.

Turn the history, we can see, how many workers wearing straw hats, built the winding Great Wall; Dug a thousand sail race across the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal; Picked out the Wangwu mountain and Taihang mountain in the way; A man-made canal, the Red Flag Canal, was built. Straw hat cover how many days, and left us how many human miracles.

With such a straw hat on his head, Da Yu, who was dedicated to water control, passed through his house three times without entering, and inscribed his heroic name into the Chinese water control history. Li Bing and his son are wearing such straw hats. After 18 years of hard management, they finally showed the most brilliant chapter in their life — Dujiangyan. Ambitious Jiang Taigong is wearing such a straw hat, sitting in the river fishing, waiting for the opportunity to display his amazing talent; Unwilling to bow down, Tao Yuanming is wearing such a straw hat, enjoying his reclusive life…… in his garden planted with chrysanthemums and bean seedlings

We remember that Chen Sheng, who was delayed by the heavy rain and was bound to be beheaded according to the law of the Qin Dynasty, took off his straw hat on the top of his head on the land of Daze Township and made a loud noise to his companions: “Would you rather have a seed?” Many companions also held their straw hats and sticks high in their hands, loudly responded to Chen Sheng’s call, embarked on the road of anti-violent Qin, and opened a new page in the history of China.

Post time: Sep-15-2022