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Shandong Maohong Import and Export Co., Ltd.’s second new store is launched

There is an old saying in China, A new year,a fresh start. I am very happy to share with you, this year our company’s new action.

In 2024, our company increased its investment on online e -commerce platforms-Alibaba. It has launched a new store on Alibaba. Compared with our 13 -year -old old shop, new store decoration is more exquisite, the category is more comprehensive, the operation is more professional, one -to -one service buyer. Summer is coming soon, if you need a suitable sun hat, I am happy to share our new address with you:

the address is: https://sdmaohong.en.alibaba.com/.

Welcome everyone to browse!

The difference between raffia straw hat and packaging box’s raffia straw thread

The origin of the raffia straw is Madagascar, which is smooth, very tough, and more expensive than most of natural grass . It is made of raffia straw into ropes and dyed into a variety of colors.

Most of the filling in the packaging box, most of them are dyed. The raffia straw imitated with paper silk. These fluffy paper silk can play a role in shocking and decoration during transportation.

Although they are all called “raffia straw“, they have different materials, different prices, and different effects. Please distinguish them with caution.

Thank you for your time and reading, I wish you a happy day.

Post time: Mar-29-2024