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Get a Straw Hat and Be One Piece

The weather is starting to heat up, and it’s time for summer gear to hit the streets. Summer is hot in China. It is not only the oppressive heat that makes people sad, but also the blazing sun and ultra-strong ultraviolet radiation outdoors. On Wednesday afternoon, while shopping on Huaihai Road with his colleague(Zaza), the interface fashion reporter smelled a sign that straw hats were making a comeback. When you open the little red book, you will also see that “straw hat recommendation” has entered the hot list.




Of course, straw hats have long been a common accessory to summer attire. But straw hats are not simply decorative, and for a long time they may have been more functional than decorative. After all, straw hat material is cool, straw is breathable and ventilated, and the wide hat brim can play a good shading effect.

In those years, which are not fashionable, the styles of straw hats are not diverse, and the most common is perhaps the wide corded rice straw hats in the countryside.

If you have a good memory, by this point you may recall that when you were a child, you went to the mountains with your parents for the summer. A straw hat tied to a string was buckled under your chin. If a strong wind blew, the straw hat quickly slipped from your head, but it was firmly fastened to the back of your head.

Today, however, straw hats have become much more fashionable, with a wider variety of styles and styles. The straw hat itself is also embellished: lace trim, straw bow decoration, deliberately broken brim, even the functional cord to prevent the straw hat from being blown away has been replaced by lace binding.

In terms of style, other traditional hat styles, such as fisherman’s hat, baseball hat, bucket hat, etc., have appeared straw version, hat makers use straw weaving process to redefine and present other hat styles.

In other words, in the hot summer, the straw hat has the advantage of functionality, but it also competes with other hats in style.

For summer 2020, high street brands are adding more fashion touches to their straw hats.

Interface fashion is found when shopping, straw fisherman hat appearance rate is very high. On the high street, brands like ZARA, Mango, Niko and… And so on, can see at least two types of straw fisherman hat on sale. These brands clearly incorporate two of this summer’s top hat trends, straw hats and fisherman hats.

Post time: Sep-15-2022